Spitzenhund Kennels is located on a 500-acre ranch of prime recreational land outside of Webb City, Missouri.
Spitzenhund Kennel's owner is Parrish Evans.
For two generations, Parrish and his family have enjoyed their relationships with their German Shepherds.
Today, Spitzenhund Kennels is not only the home of the world's legendary working-dog, Bomber von Wolfsheim, but it is also one of the great kennels of our times which continues to breed for the great classic look which made this breed so famous to begin with.   
To us, it's all about that classic-looking dog which is equally divided in three equal parts, the front, middle, and rear.
It's a look of balance which is pleasantly apparent with every glance.
No extreme sloped and curved top-lines here like those of today's modern new show dogs from West Germany. And no extreme dropped-down rear ends either. 
Our dogs are gorgeous to behold. The Bomber look is one of two reasons why he became one of Europe's most sought-after working dogs. 


The second reason is his reliable, trust-worthy  temperament.
Our clients love our dogs and we are certain you will too. 
For us, form follows function.
When a dog is built right, everyone knows.
This is why we are so proud of our dogs here at Spitzenhund Kennels.
Are you looking for the "total German Shepherd"?
You'll find it here. 
But it's not all us.  
The pedigrees of Spitzenhund Kennels dogs contain many of the greatest German Shepherds of all time.  
None of what we accomplish would be possible without those exceptional breeders who have come before us with life-long commitments in shaping this gorgeous and amazing breed.
We are convinced, that the German Shepherd is the greatest dog in the world to own as a gorgeous, intelligent, healthy, and loyal companion.
This is our passion and we couldn't be more pleased.   
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