Our Females

Daisy is a Bomber - Jupy daughter and the kind of quality you would expect from world-class breeding.


She has beautiful front-shoulder, rear-angles, and correct level back. 

No roached, curved top-lines here, or extreme dropped down rear-end common to today's show dogs.

She is naturally beautiful just as the classic dog should be in beautiful proportions. 

Here, classic style with balance of front and rear angles, is obvious right along with classic top-line and classic temperament. She is a great dog for the family and an excellent companion.

And that's not all. She has nice, fluid gait. This comes from a pedigree filled with decades of hall-of-fame greats of the breed. 

Raja is a daughter of our Johnny and our 10X Schutzund 3 mother Tequila. Tequila is one of America's highest-titled working females. 

This combination of Johnny and Tequila produced elegance in movement in Raja as well as rock-solid temperament you can rely on for a highly versatile German Shepherd.

Raja is tough-minded yet soft-hearted. She is a great companion, great family dog, and will protect. 

V Tequila vom Haus Vortkamp SCHH 3, IPO 3 10 TIMES KKL1

Tequila is one of Europe's highest-titled female working-dogs in the U.S.  She has made a great contribution to the Spitzenhund Kennels breeding program and is now happily retired and enjoying the easy life. 

V Jupy von der Wolfsquelle 

IPO2  Kkl 1 

Jupy, by her pedigree, is a very interesting combination of mentally sound working dogs and classic and famous show dogs from those times when both working ability and show ability were the sum of two equal parts.


We are very plased with the kind of puppies Jupy produces in both mental and physical soundness. 

Daisy Von Spitzenhund

Raja von Spitzenhund