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Bomber Vom WolfSheim
Bomber's pedigree contains a long list of breed classics. The list of hall-of-fame greats is stunning.
His appearance, working ability, and pedigree combined
made him one of the most popular dogs of Europe and the
world's most sought-after working dog.   
He filled his bred books in Germany with 200 breedings.
Following that, an extension was filed successfully for more breedings and that quota was filled too.
Bomber puppies are available in the U.S. exclusively through Spitzenhund Kennels. 
V (BSZS) Johnny vom Vogelsberger Südhang 
IPO3, FH1, KKl 1 Lbz
Pictures don't do him justice. Johnny is the whole package. He is not only a top-rated working dog but also, an exceptional representative of the breed in classic confirmation.
He is smart and highly responsive to training with a strong desire to please.
In real-life, he is stunning to look at and to top it off, he also has a long-fluid gait with beautiful movement. 
Johnny was rated V121 in the largest of shows, the West German Seiger show. This is significant since red and blacks are the favorite of show-ring judges. 
He is that hard to find classic look with classic top-line and balance of front and rear angles. 
Eiko vom Indlinger Hof
Eiko is proof that you can have a top-rated working dog and that balance and beauty of the classic German Shepherd in one.  
Eiko is representative of Spitzenhund Kennels commitment to classic style and qualities you can rely on to keep safe and protected. 
Eiko was V-100 in the West German Seiger Show. His real-life balance and fluid gait are fun to watch while confirming his capabilities as a total athlete. 
His lineage goes back on world-class West German working dogs as well as most respected breeding of the Czech Republic Border Patrol breeding program.